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At Mental Health Australia, our priority is the mental life of all Australians. We understand that mental health is of primary importance to every person and country. That is why we are working day and night to ensure that we achieve this.

Our Vision is to achieve superb mental health for all Australians and All communities in Australia. In doing this, we have outlined our objectives, and they are to.

  • Establish and grow investment in mental health on a long-term basis.
  • Ensure that there is an improvement in the design and interface system that responds to mental health.
  • Ensure that Australians’ mental health awareness and healthiness are sustained.

We have also put in place many programs and services to help us achieve these objectives.

Mental health at Australia has been a major concern to various stakeholders around the country. Over the years, Australia has recorded a rise and Increase in the issue of the country’s mental health.  Like never before, this state of this is growing beyond boundaries, and there is an urgent need to tackle it. True, there have been many strategic plans that have been put in place to ensure that the issues of mental health are tackled. But, without a doubt, there is still a place for national actions and awareness. Awareness of mental health issue in Australia would go a long way to help fight the reoccurrence of mental health issues. 

All the world over, there’s an increasing awareness of mental health. This is a development from many decades of the relegation of mental health issues to the background in contrast to other health concerns, especially physical health. These days, there’s hardly a health condition that gains so much attention as Australia’s mental health. In Australia, there are a plethora of published statistics that describe the state of mental health.

Mental health conditions can simply be described as a condition that affects the mood, feeling, thinking, and behaviour of a person. It is a mental state usually characterised by malfunctioning of the brain.

Mental health conditions greatly affect the day-to-day activities of a person and may also hinder the person’s healthy relationship with others.

It is generally believed that the connections a person makes through social activities, places, and relationships can go a long way in building a safety net for the individual’s mental and physical health. Healthy connections and relationships with partners, friends, co-workers, family, and people in your immediate environment can reduce your level of depression and anxiety. They also help in the positive and productive evaluation of your self-esteem and worth. Individuals suffering from mental health conditions need to build a socio-cultural relationship with other people living in their society. This socio-cultural relationship will give room for pleasure and comfort and reduce the disorder that they experience.

Living a meaningful life requires committing oneself to purposeful living. Without a doubt, purposeful living encompasses doing some purposeful activities. A purposeful activity might sound like too big a phrase to make meaning of. However, this is not the case. Purposeful activities are everything that keeps you going in life. It is that reason you hold on to while making sense of your day. Or while waking up and deciding to move out of your bed. It is everything from your office work to your hubby. All these activities contribute to how you make sense of yourself. They add to your self-worth, satisfy you, and give meaning to your life. 

Certain factors are critical to human productivity, success, and progress. These factors vary from environmental, social, economic, and physical factors. While they are all important, it is arguable if they all have a corresponding effect on humans, especially as the absence of one like the physical factor can solely hinder humans effectiveness or terminate existence as the case may be. Quality of physical health or its state in Australia doesn’t exist in isolation of the general scope of health and other types of health for indeed, they influence themselves.

Mental health today is important. And the same thing goes for the situation in Australia. With mental health, a lot is being done to ensure that everyone in Australia gets access to mental health service.  It is because of this that there is the Mental Health Service (MHS). The MHS is the overview of the national response to the issue of Australia’s mental health. It involves the report on the needs of Australians with regards to mental health. The current state of Australia’s mental health is alarming. Reports show that about one in every five Australian between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five will, at one point, show symptoms of mental health issues. The report further says that mental health is connected to many factors. One of those factors is an individual’s access to mental health services.