Physical Health in Australia

Certain factors are critical to human productivity, success and progress. These factors vary from environmental, social, economic, and physical factors. While they are all important, it is arguable if they all have the corresponding effect on humans. The absence of one like the physical factor can solely hinder human effectiveness or terminate existence as the case may be. Quality of physical health or its state in Australia doesn’t exist in isolation of the general scope of health and other types of health for indeed, they influence themselves.

This definition reveals the scope of health to include; physical, mental and social well being and of a truth, without the well being of one, the other cannot be achieved. There exist overwhelming scientific studies that solidify this assertion. Physical well being, that is, the state of being free from an ailment in one’s body such as headache, abdominal pain, or leg injury amounts to sound mental health. For no one languishing in pain or distress can reason effectively. Equally, humans, being social beings cannot enjoy physical or mental well being in the absence of social life. It suffices to say, physical, mental and social life function inter-dependently.

Statistics suggest Australians must take their physical health seriously. Considering these facts, there’s no gainsaying that Australians must make the chart a meticulous and consistent course of action towards keeping physically fit. Although inexhaustible, let’s evaluate some of the effective steps to achieve and maintain sound physical health.

Taking long, quality rest is a sure means to staying physically healthy. However, Rest in Australia can be a luxury, especially among the low and average income earners. This category of persons works different shifts at different workplaces to make ends meet. For them, working different shifts guarantees economic life, and they will secure that at all cost. While being hardworking is encouraging, doing so at the expense of one’s physical health is where to draw the line. Without rest, vital human organs will not enjoy requisite rest, and sooner or later, they are bound to shut down. This is avoidable if you take the necessary rest.

Necessary rest because an individual’s peculiar health condition sometimes dictate the amount of rest required. Case in point, anyone expectant of a child needs longer rest during pregnancy and immediate post-pregnancy period.

A balanced diet or put differently; good nutrition is fundamental to physical life. Its contribution is broad. Good nutrition helps to keep the different parts of the body active and perform optimally. Leafy green vegetables, carrots and citrus fruits, for example, is Identified to be beneficial for effective function of the eyes. Thus, consuming some set of diets can improve the quality of human’s vital organs and overall physical health. On the flip side, certain diet poses harm to humans of a certain age or with some ailing conditions. For instance, diabetes patients must beware of high carbohydrate intake. A good diet will also reduce the 67 per cent obesity rate among Australian adults.

Besides, physical exercise helps maintain physical health. This major step is overemphasised in the media. It is not uncommon to see adverts of beverages, lotion creams, energy drinks depicting an individual engaging in bodily exercise and the influence of their products on the effectiveness of that particular exercise. It is also scientifically proven that exercise is a way of keeping the brain sharp—little wonder why school curriculum accommodates sporting exercise. The different forms of physical exercise one can engage in includes; skipping, running, jogging, cycling, gymnastics etc.

Keeping fit physically also requires adopting a non-carefree lifestyle. Many accidents, domestic and fatal that hurts or damages physical life are avoidable. Such damages like a broken arm, a head injury or twisted ankle are often as a result of unmindful running around, treading a slippery path or a rough tackle carelessly during a football match. With regards to a fatal accident, reckless driving and flouting traffic sign regulations are usually the root cause. Embracing a meticulous approach to driving activities will go a long way in reducing fatal accidents that damage physical health. Finally on this note, without carefulness, sound physical health cannot be preserved in Australia or any other state in the world.

In conclusion, to ensure physical life, Australians must engage in constant bodily check-up notwithstanding the absence of disease or infirmity. The mistake many makes is assuming the only time they need medical examination is when they’re indisposed. This is an unhealthy practice that put humans life at great risk. Numerous illnesses do not have noticeable symptoms at an early stage. It is until critical stages that symptoms show up, and by then, recovery is nearly impossible. The secret to remaining physically healthy is to constantly examine if indeed one is physically healthy.