Strategic Plan

Mental health has been of great concern to the health sector. This has given rise to many actions to put in place to tackle it.

Over the years, there have been various plans rolled out by different bodies and institutions for mental health. The result has been good, but not so well encouraging. This state of things has given rise to the necessity of a strategic plan to tackle mental health.

In this vein, Mental Health Australia has drawn up a holistic strategic plan that helps recognise the focus area. And where to direct attention and resources.

It is believed that this strategic plan would help establish a great synergy between health professionals and the people. This way, it is certain that the fight against mental health would be won. Or, at least curtailed to the barest minimum.

The strategic plans would be used to champion the advocacy for an advanced system for the mental health of Australians. The Vision is to ensure that all Australians are mentally healthy, and there is in mentally healthy place communities.

To achieve this, the strategic plan will span for three years. During this time, we would be committed to achieving different objectives. These objectives are:

  • Establish and grow investment in mental health on a long-term basis.
  • Ensure that there is an improvement in the design and interface system that responds to mental health.
  • Ensure that Australians’ mental health awareness and healthiness is sustained.

These are the main objectives for achieving a balanced community of mentally healthy Australians. To follow this up, there are well outlined strategic plans put in place to ensure the achievement of these objectives.

The strategic plans are as follows:

First Year Strategic plan

The Vision: the Vision is to make sure that Australia is filled with mentally healthy people. And mentally healthy communities.

  • Strategic Plan on the first objective In trying to grow the investment in mental health for a long term purpose, the target would be directed to the 2019 post election budget investment at the federal level. This way, there shall be a strategic campaign aimed towards providing reasons for mental health investment. There will also be a strategy for pre-election purposes. This way, there would be a campaign that would highlight the mental health concern for the electorate.
  • Strategic plan on the second objective. There will be support and provision of input to mental health’s major investment. There will be an advocacy influence to advance and maintain systems of mental health. There will also be a push for stakeholders to ensure engagement with carers and consumers. And, continue to push for strong relationships with great focus for mental health.
  • Strategic plan on the Third objective. Widen the funding circle by increasing resources capability. Push for the sustainable improvement in administrative and governance system. Seek for the establishment of a healthy and robust culture in organisations for the performance of staff

Second-year Strategic Plan

  • Strategic plan on the first objective. The strategic plan for the second year is a continuation of that of the first year. This is in recognition of the fact that the plan is a continuous one and requires sustainability.
  • Strategic plan on the second objective. Continue the support for investing in mental health and prosecute investment to save the recommendation’s report. Continue the ensure that stakeholders build a leading engagement with carers and consumers. Build on past relationship to strengthen it for mental health’s focus.
  • Strategic Plan for the third objective. Secure funding for key projects and pursue projects that amplify the strategic objectives. Continue to build on the improvement of better administrative and governance system. Build on the established healthy and robust staff performance and organisational culture.

Third-year Strategic Plan

  • Strategic plan on the first objective. Establish room for new mental health investment. Pursue robust investment operational and policy improvement.  Push to establish the government’s focus for mental health. Establish and expand services for the community to see to the needs of carers and consumers of mental health.
  • Strategic Plan on the second objective. Advance and maintain advocacy influence for ensuring integration of services of mental health. Push for the continued engagement of stakeholders with carers and consumers. Improve services of mental health by engaging with PHNs. Pursue the continued influence of architecture and designs in mental health.
  • Strategic Plan on the third objective. Build projects that amplify the three strategic objectives. See for the sustainable improvement of administrative and governance system. Build on the established healthy and robust staff performance and organisational culture.

These are the strategic plans for achieving a community of mentally healthy people in  Australia. With this strategic plan and the support from appropriate authorities, it is believed that the Vision will be achieved.

Mental health’s issues are the concern of everyone in Australia and beyond. It is for this reason that everyone’s support is required to ensure the fulfilment of mental health objectives.